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Mastering Private Practice
With Jess

Be Knowledgeable. Be Eager. Be Inspired. 

As a private practitioner I have come the understand the importance of taking risks, learning from others, and doing what works for me in my own practice. Along the way I have learned so much on my own.  There are so many things I wish I had known when I started Smith Behavioral Health and Wellness LLC,  including the importance of patience when building a practice, ways to work smarter, and holding myself accountable to my own boundaries around work.  I often think about where I would be if I had a knowledge of these things in the when I first decided to take on entrepreneurship.  


Mastering Private Practice with Jess is all about assisting therapists as they navigate the world of working for themselves through mentorship, consulting, accountability, and being a sounding board for all things regarding private practice.  The mission and vision is to help private practitioners build a sustainable practice that they love and energizes them to do their very best work. 

Services Include:

~Step By Step Practice Startup 

~Identifying Problems 

~Assistance with Business Planning

~Creating Fee Schedules

~Marketing Strategies

~Growth Strategies

~Hiring Employees

~Multi State Licensure 

~Preventing Burnout


Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. ~Albert Schweitzer~

Consulting/Mentorship Rates:

6 month package- $1,000

~Ideal for those who are starting their business and are in need of support and accountability through the process.


Services include but are not limited to:

~step by step startup (checklists, materials, and tips on starting your practice, HIPAA compliant practices, marketing, credenialing)

~weekly mentoring/accountability sessions 


3 month package- $600

~Ideal for those who are wanting to assess current practices and processes to improve the practice 


Services include but are not limited to:

~assessment to improve processes

~revamping pricing

~assessing insurance reimbursement

~preventing burnout 

~adding, maintaining, and managing employees

60 minute session-$150

~ideal for consulting on a particular situation/topic, checkins


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