Wellness Coaching

Creating A Sustainable Lifestyle for Lifelong Wellness 


What Is Wellness Coaching???  


A health and wellness coach works with individuals, groups, and/or organizations who want to invest in their goals to change their lifestyle to become healthier, optimize health, wellness, and wellbeing. 


                                             ~A health and wellness coach is not a registered dietitian who

can create a tailored health plan. 


                                        ~A health and wellness coach is not a personal trainer who

              can tailor a workout to your fitness level.



A wellness coach IS someone who can

~ help you identify healthy food options, serving sizes, help you with barriers that arise on your wellness journey 

~keep you accountable through meetings and reviewing your successes and challenges 

~helping you troubleshoot  

~and encourage you along the way.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who is well versed in the areas of positive psychology, health psychology, and cognitive behavioral interventions as a way to maintain a healthy wellness routine and lifestyle. I use aspects of both health psychology,  positive psychology, and CBT to help you understand maintaining healthy habits. Through the use of your wellness plan, SMART goals, and accountability, we work together to reach your wellness goals creating a lifestyle that is sustainable.


Maybe you have found yourself committing and recommitting to having a better lifestyle especially in regards to healthy eating and exercise but you haven’t been successful.  Maybe you don’t know how to get started or even where to start. Maybe you feel like you could be effective with your wellness goals if you had someone to help you to develop a plan and execute the plan? 


One of my greatest joys as a therapist who practices from a wellness perspective is helping clients figure out their wellness goals, the barriers to executing their goals, and being present with them every step of the way.  Wellness is not just  about fitness and healthy eating.  It is about all of the aspects of who we are and how we tend to those aspects including occupational wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, and intellectual wellness.  All aspects of wellness work together to make us who we are.  Making the decision to change your lifestyle can be scary. There is no doubt that change can be very difficult and requires a lot of grace and patience with yourself. You don’t have to be alone as you navigate your decision to make changes and invest in your health.  I offer individual and package rates to help you create and execute your goals. I am here to keep you accountable, encourage, and explore barriers as they arise. Below are the rates  for wellness packages and individual sessions.




 Individual Sessions-$150 per 1 hour session

-Wellness Plan Development

~Goal Setting 


1 month package - $250

     -Wellness Plan Development

Goal Setting

-accountability (check in twice a week virtual or in person) 

    -Food log review

    -Physical activity log review



Three Month Package- $375

    -Wellness Plan Development

Goals Setting

-accountability (check in twice a week virtual or in person) 

    -Food log review

    -Physical activity log review