The Holiday Blues

The holidays can be a joyous and happy time for many people. Families are often gathering to celebrate the holiday with food and gifts. There are lights and Christmas carols all around. The holidays are associated with good and happy thoughts for many. But for some people the holidays are not as joyous. For some the holidays bring about pain and sadness. This may be due to loss. People may grieve their loved ones at this time of year and what used to be happy and fun family gatherings have turned into painful and grief stricken reminders of the voids in our lives. People may grieve loss of relationships during the holidays and feel the pain of loneliness more so than togetherness. Sadness and anxiety around the holidays is not uncommon. Whether it be a loss, loneliness, or even being down on your luck at the holidays, holiday sadness is real and finding ways to work through the sadness in important. You may ask what are some ways I can work through the holiday blues.

1. Get outside of yourself. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or Salvation Army. 2. Identify those around you that you can connect with. It may not be your blood family but someone in your network of friends or acquaintances. 3. Speak with a therapist. While it may seem that talking to someone may not be helpful. Therapists are there to help you see all of the perspectives that you could be missing. 4. Consider making amends with those people in your life that are distant. 5. Find a happy way to commemorate the loved one you that is absent and do it every year. When we work through what pains us the outcome can be much sweeter. Choose Happiness. Happy Holidays from Smith Behavioral Health and Wellness

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