End of a Decade...What's Your 2020 Vision?

It’s crazy to think we are ending a decade tonight. I don’t know about you but the words of my parents come to mind and ring true “Time flies, it waits for no one.” Ten years ago I had just started a doctoral program, entered into a relationship that would last for half of the decade, and had just quit an awesome job to be a full time student. I look back at that time and think to myself how far we have come. Ten years sounds like a lot of time but in reality it is a fraction of time in our lives.  When I look back at the past 10 years I can recall the main events like school, relationships, trips, hurts, and challenges but it's kind of hard to recall the stuff in between. As we enter into the next decade and the year of perfect vision I challenge you to think of ways you can live your vision of life with more clarity. One way I think we do this is to practice mindfulness. Slowing down and actually being in the moment, taking the time to be still and take things in with our senses helps us to be present and allow the moment to be imprinted in our minds.  I also challenge you to think about your intentions for the next year and decade. Intentions give us direction and help us to plan for what we want to be, do, or have. Without intentions we tend to react to life and circumstances. When our intentions are clear we can easily decipher what of the interactions around us are serving us and those that are not. Intentions are about how we want to feel. I hope your year of perfect vision is a year of clarity, intent, growth, learning through challenges, laughter, and mindfulness. Make sure to make time for the moments in between the big moments. I learned the importance of those moments on a solo trip to Boston this year. I did some pretty cool things while I was there but walking past the pond in Boston Public Garden, remembering how the air smelled, the image of the couples taking pictures on the bridge stands out to me the most. Allowing myself to be in the moment gave me a new appreciation for the garden.  I like to think that if we take time for the in between moments we will have more of an appreciation for life. 


From Smith Behavioral Health and Wellness LLC I wish you a wonderful and prosperous year of perfect vision.  May you do things to make your vision of your life clearer and happier. I wish many blessings for you in this next decade. It has been an awesome pleasure to serve clients near and far. I look forward to being able to serve you in 2020. Always remember it is your responsibility to figure out how to be well and be happy. Blessings for exactly that in the upcoming year. Happy New Year!!! 

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