How do you "self-care"?

If you think like me, your idea of self care is sitting by a blue ocean, listening to the waves and admiring the warm sun on your face. The harsh reality... I don't live anywhere close to the ocean. While sitting by the ocean is a wonderful way to implement self care it may not always be possible. Self care may be considered more than a vacation or a nice dinner. Self care is the way you care for yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically on a daily basis. It may range from a few minutes of quiet alone time in your day to a meditation class. Self care is what you need to do for yourself to be okay but in order to know what you need you have to take to the time to be mindful of your needs. Sometimes we are so busy we don't take the time to slow down and really understand what we need. Below are a few tips for self care.

1. Guard your time. When we are busy we tend to be on autopilot. Guard time to dedicate to yourself and ways that you can take care of yourself. (i.e. make time to workout, make time to each lunch, etc.)

2. Move. Exercise releases good chemicals to make us feel good.

3. Be still. Make time to still your mind and your body. Make time to rest.

4. Assess your relationships. Sometimes the relationships we are investing in can be bringing us down.

5. Enjoy Yourself. Make sure you are making time to have fun. Plan a vacation. Enjoy time with friends. Take yourself to dinner. Find ways to enjoy life. Be well, be happy.

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