New Year, Same Goals?

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

We will soon end 2018 and roll into another year. It is at this time of year most people adopt New Years Resolutions to implement some change or challenge in the upcoming year. A new year symbolizes a new start and what better time to change things up than when its time to start a new chapter right? The thing with resolutions are we often don't keep them for long. We start out saving money, going to the gym, and even eating healthier but after about a month, sometimes more we struggle to keep up and often fall back into our old ways. My personal explanation we do this because we often have a shallow desire to change and the fact that it is a new year makes us feel good about starting fresh. But it takes so much more than a desire and the right timing to really make a significant change that is lasting. Maybe the the best way to implement change as we go into the new year is to assess ways in which we want to be better and really think about why those things are important to us. Prioritize our desires and then implement SMART goals to accomplish them. SMART goals is an acronym I use to break down the criteria for goals. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. When we can get specific and realistic about what we are wanting to accomplish we are more likely to accomplish what we set out to do.

As we prepare to end the year I leave you with 3 questions to ponder taken from Life Coach, Marie Forleo.

-One thing you did this year that you're proud of.

-One mistake you made and the lesson you've learned.

-One limiting story you're ready to let go of before 2019.

-One mistake you made and the lesson you've learned.

My hope for you in this upcoming year is that you find ways to choose yourself. Choose your health, choose your mental health, choose your joy and happiness. Choose your passion, your craft. Be relentless in your choice and be the best person you can be. Most of all be well, be happy.

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