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How Does Food Affect Your Mood?

Have you ever stopped to think about how what you are eating can be impacting your mood. It's chemistry. When we put good things in at the frequency we need to for a duration of time we often see and feel results not just in our body but in our overall functioning and also in our mood. 

Meet Lesley Shelley, owner of
Talk Nutrition with Lesley and
Resident Nutritionist at SmithBHW

My awareness of the grand world of nutrition was ignited by deeply personal experiences. It is my belief that food can serve as medicine and a potent healing tool. This foundational principle is at the core of my perspective on nutritional wellness. I strongly believe that what we consume and how we treat our bodies forms the bedrock of our overall well-being. I take immense pride in the work I’ve accomplished with families in underserved communities, women seeking natural conception, and clients who have successfully reversed chronic diseases. What truly sets me apart is my practical, real approach to nutrition and wellness rooted in authenticity and approachability.


My mission is to empower my clients by guiding them toward a fresh, whole-food perspective on dietary maintenance. I firmly believe in the transformational potential of individualized, patient-centered strategies to attain nutritional wellness. Continuously seeking the latest insights in the field, I stay abreast of current nutrition trends through evidence-based educational opportunities, covering areas like mindful eating, functional medicine, emotional wellness, and more. The services I provide encompass a range of offerings, including nutrition consultations and personalized meal planning.


My overarching mission is to democratize nutritional wellness and ensure that educational resources on this vital subject are accessible to all, irrespective of age, health condition, or economic status. I’m here to guide and support you to optimal health and whole-body wellness.

Contact Lesley to start your nutrition journey for overall wellness today!

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